Paddington forth of july

Paddington talking with his mom about the forth of july
  1. Mom, I'm going to be in the celebration on-the-go the forth!! Did you know that America is going to be 240 years old? Gosh I thought you and dad was old
  2. Pickles is going to tell how we became a country and our presidents and the people who fought for our freedom from England and those who still fight for freedom today and help other places fight for their freedoms too! Did you know that?
  3. OMG I hope Elsa, she's our exchange student from England, won't still be mad at us because her country lost.... Mom: no I don't think she'll be mad..
  4. Oh ugh "moody"trudy is the "beauty"queen! I don't know how or why people thinks she's beautiful, she's mean and stuck up she even bit me last week!! Now you have to mind your manners, regardless
  5. I get to sing born in the USA! So after this I'm sure the girls will be swooning for me, Im just that dreamy!
  6. Hey aunt ava is going to be helping with costumes for everyone, you better get started on it before aunt ava slaps a flower on it or wants to paint my toes or something!
  7. Oh guess what... Winston is going to dance!!! I know right he can't walk across the room without tripping!! Boy this ought to be funny, be nice paddington, you would want someone to make fun of you would you? Nah I'm not worried I know I'm good! Lol
  8. Teacher says to make we have sunscreen in your bag, we don't want to have barbqued pigglets! Oh that Mrs cowsill is so funny!!
  9. Since all of my stuff is in the morning can we play ball afterwards? Please after all it's America's favorite pastime!!
  10. Now mom jellybean is coming please don't say anything to embarrass me OK please!! ( thinking) she's so dreamy she should be the beauty queen and not moody Trudy.. Shhhh not a word to mom OK?!
  11. Oh jellybeans mom,lulu,will be there helping with us singers and dancers so we don't forget our words (thinking) jellybeans mom is a hot Bodacious babe!! shhhhh not a word!!
  12. Egbert is going to be Thomas Jefferson,he's one of the best speakers!!
  13. I'm to be John adams,i hope I don't forget my lines!!
  14. Sir sprinkles is Ole Abraham Lincoln, he's gonna be great!!
  15. And there's gonna be finger/face painting Peta and Penelope will love that!!
  16. "airy"cherry and the rest of the cheerleaders will be there doing their thing... Jumping tumbling swinging dancing and yelling are that chderleading stuff
  17. Sir sprinkles says the triplets,buttercup,bubbles and buddy, are coming too I hope they don't tear things up they are only I month old
  18. OK this is my Uncle buck, Uhm after his antics from last year he isn't allowed to beer or any alcohol drink of a. Ykind
  19. Paddington what are you doing? I'm taking a new Selfie!!
  20. Have a great day in celebration of our country, be safe, eat, drink(pop water juice) be safe