Paddington's I'm a superhero......

  1. I can fly higher than a rocket
  2. Run faster than Usain Bolt
  3. Swim faster than Michael Phelps
  4. Ski better than Lynsey Vonn
  5. Be a better gymnast than Nadia Comaneci
  6. Be the best wrestler like Hulk Hogan
  7. Best hotdog eater than Takeru Kobayashi
  8. I can sting better than Mohamad Ali
  9. Faster Luge athlete than Christian Niccum
  10. Im a better chef than Guy Feiri and have the show Diners Drive-ins and dives
  11. I can be the best world leader than Franklin D Roosevelt ....or..
  12. Winston Churchill! I could do it!
  13. I am the next American Warrior
  14. I am better than Bear Grylls eating strange things and making things from a piece of string
  15. This was fun, my mommy says I'm her superhero, I can run faster, swim better, she says how amazing the things I can do I'm so strong!
  16. She says I make her laugh,tickles her when I'm silly, and how I make her feel safe during a visit from storm( I'm still looking for him!)
  17. When it's time for bed we snuggle up she says Ahh Paddington my superhero!