Paddingtons view

his thoughts of things going on in our world today
  1. I don't wanna get up.... I can't play with my friends.... Because we're different.... No one wants to fight
  2. No we don't fight.. The people on TV are fighting... Because they're different and some say kids should play with their own kind... I don't understand
  3. Look at me and Winston I thought we'd be buddies forever
  4. Going to ballgames, pestering Miles playing in the pool with Sprinkles, sitting together at school
  5. Or Albert I still don't know what he is but we play great I haven't stopped liking him because we're not the same
  6. As much as Miles teases me,i still kinda like him.. OK OK I do like him.. He does give Sunday baths better than anyone! Lol
  7. Me Winston and Egbert playing jail, we love that game
  8. My bestest buddy Sprinkles gosh he's been forever buddy!!!
  9. Fishing swimming chasing the girls scaring them with frogs...... What? No mom I didn't say scaring them! Just kidding!!!
  10. From the start we were destined to be friends no matter our color or different species I love my friends because we are different
  11. It's terrible what's happening in our world but look closely at the photos videos I see lots of people of many colors coming together for one goal now look at the kids they should never be scared to play with each other walk play outside afraid of getting shot stabbed offered drugs I'm starting it off by saying I love you all!!