The animated me

why I choose animated me avatars over real me
  1. I can feel more confident
  2. I can do anything I know I can't in real life
  3. I can be a superhero
  4. I can dress silly and not get the stare
  5. I can be a little flirty without looking stockerish
  6. I can express an opinion and not receive nasty comments
  7. I can be super strong, because I'm not in real life
  8. I can walk and text without tripping
  9. I can be a Ghostbusters.. Need I say more on that!!
  10. I can say love you and not be creepy about it
  11. Hey I can even be a super model
  12. I can wear the 70's style clothes and look cool
  13. I can play golf like a pro
  14. I can do these things because I'm worth it
  15. I can show you what I'm doing animated style
  16. I can look great everyday because my hair and makeup never gets messy
  17. I can have so much more fun even for a moment
  18. Now I enjoy reading comments about my choice on profile pictures.. Ppl say I want to see you.. Well.. U are it's the best side of me
  19. I keep my haircolor, hairstyles, wrinkles and weight as I am in real life because it's me.. As my hair grows,glasses change I'll change it and so on. So there ya go....