We should never forget these images of 911

  1. The buildings standing tall
  2. The planes deliberately crashing into them
  3. See the fuel flames
  4. Killing thousands many jumped to their deaths to escape the fire
  5. People from the towers and surrounding buildings come out to walk to safety
  6. Helping each other
  7. First responders giving medical attention to the thousands in need
  8. Unaware what was to happen next
  9. The towers beginning to collapse killing most of the first responders helping the trapped
  10. These responders are arriving to ground zero
  11. These responders are also going back to lend their skills
  12. This should be the symbol we live by
  13. Many many fire engines were found buried under the millions on tons of debris
  14. The second tower collapses see how far the dust and debris travels
  15. Many many of the brave have a moment trying to comprehend the magnitude of the devastation
  16. Between the dust seeing the carnage the loss of his fellow fire fighters
  17. Finding people alive gave a boost to helpers and Americans around
  18. All of the helpers lookin digging listening for survivors
  19. When the responders first came up on the site all they heard were the beeping from the buried firefighters,so overwhelming I'm sure
  20. A line was made to help carry out the people found under the rubble
  21. The responders helping each other when they've flat run themselves down
  22. This moment still chokes me up today.....I want to say this firefighters went to help from all over this great nation not just big cities but even from my small town I'm so proud of them.
  23. This symbol is what many turned to and at one time all Americans were at one accord there wasn't color gender or s.o. we only saw my brother or sister in need......what happened? Folks we need to get back where we lent a hand to anyone everyone become one nation under God!!