What boys do when they see a girl

  1. Quick! Suck in and pucker the lips like a duck!!
  2. Sing "Don't stop believin" once she walks by continue singing "everybody back streets back"
  3. In the water in front of a girl " all together watch out for pop"
  4. But really act like this "every pig for himself, sink or swim Pop"
  5. Hello girls looking lovely today
  6. Once they walk by its more like.. "I like big butts"
  7. Alone with a girl it's... I like you those guys are dumb
  8. But once he's spotted it's ,Ooo her kisses.. Laughing and making faces
  9. Of course the lovebug bites and this little pig falls for...
  10. This little cheerleader and she knows what and how to get him to act...
  11. A fool in front of those boys, faced the fact that's what he'd been all along.