Words/phrases you don't want to hear when your child has been injured at a playdate, school,inlaws

inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. We've made an arrest ( oldest was jumped and beat up at middle school cafeteria)
  2. Oxygen has had to be used (oldest and middle child at a sporting practice)
  3. We were just shoveling ( middle required stitches on back of head at in-laws)
  4. We was playing basketball ( oldest received 27 stitches in leg at playdate)
  5. We just let them sit a minute in back of pickup ( middle cracked skull at yard sale friends house)
  6. He was just running when he fell ( oldest received stitches over eye in-law)
  7. He was slinging juice all over floor on table ( oldest received stitches over other eye age 1 1/2 my house... I slipped and fell 2 hours later I gave birth to middle child)
  8. They were riding bikes (youngest received stitches in leg at an in-laws home)
  9. Freak softball ( youngest received stitches at softball practice it was freaky) softball fell inbetween to adults picking up balls,to hit my youngest in head. I was there it was extremely freaky!!
  10. OK that's a few I remember because it's been so long ago there are more but... Here are a couple recent ones
  11. We're sorry to inform you your son( oldest) has degenerative bone disease he will be discharged from military with honors.
  12. We're sorry to inform you your daughter ( youngest) has been in a car wreck she will be mediflown to city( 80 miles away)
  13. Note: they're all OK 2 have kids of their own and the youngest is a CNA working toward LPN. Proud of each one... Nothing frightened me more than hearing. .. I'm being sent to Iraq.... Once there it's.... They use their children strapped mortar and set them off trying to kill us!.. Bruises cuts will heal but the mind is different