1. If the world gives Kat Vetrano a rough day, you might ask if she'd like some pizza.
  2. If you suggest pizza, she'll want a wood fired Napoli number. Or just a NY slice. If it's a REALLY bad day, she'll request Dominos.
  3. If you give her some pizza, she'll likely eat more slices than she should be physically capable of. And your crusts.
  4. She'll note that pizza goes really great with wine. She'll say something about being Italian, and you won't correct that she's actually only half.
  5. When you give a Kat some wine, she'll remember she also loves Negronis. Even if Campari is technically an aperitif.
  6. If you give her this meal, she will request some ice cream, likely a flavor with cookies stirred in. Don't give her a smaller bowl than yours, she'll notice.
  7. And once she eats a bowl, she'll likely ask for another.
  8. If you give a Kat some pizza, wine, a Negroni, and the ice cream, she'll give you a hug, because her bad day is now better.
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