Things have been indeed shitty lately. I needed this, hope it helps you too.
  1. Fuel up on stand-up comedy.
    Still in bed? No prob. YouTube's Conan O'Brien or Laugh Factory's channels are good starts, or Spotify for albums. Off the top of my head: Beth Stelling, Guy Branum, Nore Davis.
  2. Eat something green.
    Ok, you made it to the kitchen. Good job! Eat whatever you have that makes you feel kinda healthy. Kale salad? Yogurt? A piece of fruit? Because you may have been eating cookies and pizza since Thanksgiving (ahem).
  3. Egregious amounts of caffeine
    A totally legal drug. Tea, coffee, whatever your poison. Just have more than usual.
  4. Open the blinds
    It might be gross outside, but natural light is helpful.
  5. Move
    Bed is calling, "Come baaaack watch more Netfliiiiix!" BUT now you have this awesome buzz going, you should use it right? A walk? A class? Yoga? Whatever you like.
  6. Be nice
    Compliment someone, give a buck to the singer by the subway. Finally edit your friend's resume, donate, anything. Focus off of you, onto someone else.
  7. Bug your friends
    Text, call, email. Even if you don't feel like it, sometimes just getting all your stuff out can help. Or even focusing on their stuff!
  8. Go back home
    Nothing worked? Still feel bad? That's okay. Get back in bed. Sometimes you just gotta accept the bad mood. Like a storm, it's gonna go away eventually, right?