Final exams were yesterday, the campus is closed today...
  1. Drinking coffee
    I was listing the complicated coffee drinks I could make, before I just made an americano.
  2. Insisting on making the bed
  3. Make tacos for breakfast
    No, not breakfast tacos, regular black bean tacos.
  4. Looking out the window and lamenting that someone needs to shovel
    Note: there has been no actual shoveling of snow yet.
  5. Rearranging all of the Christmas ornaments on the tree
    This would be a better form of procrastination if we had more than 17 ornaments.
  6. Discussing the ultimate goal of Littlefinger's plans
  7. Write a list about the procrastination of the day
    Stop in the middle to go make more coffee
  8. Read emails and organize them for work later
    Work adjacent, though devoid of true productivity
  9. Follow the cat around the house to better understand his life
  10. Brainstorm ways to make the significant other shovel the walk
  11. Make more coffee