I absolutely loved my seven years in Scotland. I loved it even more once I knew what they were saying.
  1. Dreich
    In reference to the weather - cold, grey, wet and miserable. Frequently useful in Britain.
  2. Wabbit
    Feeling tired, unwell or washed out.
  3. Peely-wally
    Pale. A very useful one in my line of work. If you're lookin' peely-wally, you're likely feelin' wabbit.
  4. Crabbit
    Grumpy and bad-tempered. Rhymes with rabbit (and wabbit).
  5. Greet.
    Cry or screech. Also useful for Paediatricians. Babies do a lot of greeting.
  6. Wheesht
    Be quiet. May be said to someone who's greeting. Short for "haud yer wheesht".
  7. Jobby
    Stool. One of the glamorous jobs for medical students in my Colorectal Surgery job was to "catch the jobby".
  8. Braw
    Really good. (Realised this list was a bit negative - they're not all crabbit in Scotland, I promise. When they are, though, they certainly know how to express themselves.)