Would ask @AlexandraLouise and @sally to contribute, but as super-cool beta people, I suspect they're supremely unfazed by something as trivial as a night shift
  1. Making glittery Christmas cards in bed
    This was five years ago. There is still glitter in my bed.
  2. Spending four hours acquiring and administering goldfish antibiotics
    To be fair, said goldfish is still alive four years later, so ultimately a life-saving decision. Just an exhausting one.
  3. Attempting to make a fancy layer cake for my husband's birthday
    Forgot to add baking powder on the first two - yes two - attempts. Husband came home to me staring perplexedly at six flat, rubbery discs.
  4. Shopping for a birthday present for my sister-in-law
    Walked around one shop for 20 minutes, removing and replacing the same scarf from the shelves until an assistant came over and asked if I was okay.
  5. Trying to get back together with my extremely toxic ex-boyfriend
    Not because I thought it would work out, but because we "weren't done yet," and I somehow thought it'd be better if we went up in flames instead of being mildly amicable friends.
    Suggested by   @sally
  6. Got an IUD inserted
    Whoops my blood pressure prior to insertion is 160s/90s I haven't slept in a while sorrrryyy don't mind me while I vasovagal.
    Suggested by   @sally