I didn't want to take the bus. He didn't want to drive me, but thought that instead of refusing, he would wear me down through a campaign of public humiliation. I won because I may be the world's most stubborn person.
  1. Shouted "Goodbye angel bunny, have a wonderful day at school!"
  2. Picked a boy's name at random and then yelled "How's that boy ____ you've been talking about?"
  3. Blasted tango music from the car
  4. Blasted zydeco from the car
  5. Blasted the country and western tunes of Shel Silverstein from the car
  6. Put on his heaviest accent (he's Serbian) and shouted "ve may come from small village, but ve are a proud people!"
  7. I'm sure there were more, but I may have blocked them from my memory.