Sorry, @maraqpbdc
  1. When my sister was about 16, she was invited to a dinner party.
  2. It was a costume party and the theme was "animals".
  3. I was home from university and got a little bit overexcited about costume planning.
  4. I tried very hard to convince her to wear black leggings and a black leotard and tie two white fluffy cushions to her torso and go as a sheep.
  5. Alternatively, she could tie a bottle to her nose and go as a bottlenose dolphin.
  6. I might also have suggested something involving wings.
  7. She said no to all of my ideas and went as a Dalmatian, with a black and white spotted outfit, face paint and ears made out of a washcloth.
  8. I got annoyed with her and may have called her boring as she left.
  9. Or possibly square.
  10. Anyway
  11. She and her friend Annie (dressed as a panda) rang the doorbell at their host's house.
  12. The host came to the door.
  13. And she was dressed in normal clothes.
  14. And not just jeans, but fancy, going-out clothes.
  15. As was everyone else there.
  16. They'd abandoned the costume element of the party and had forgotten to tell her.
  17. And this is why you should not listen to overenthusiastic me, even if I accuse you of being square.
  18. Because as bad as it may have been to arrive at a formal dinner party wearing ears and Dalmatian face paint...
  19. would have been much worse to have to sit through the whole dinner wearing only a black leotard and fluffy cushions.
  20. (Costume available to view on this most awesome list: COSTUMES I HAVE WORN )