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    Shaving or not being able to shave
    Honestly for girls shaving is a nightmare. But not being allowed to shave is even worse. Especially that no non swimmer understands why you have hairy legs and you have to wear pants to school everyday.
  2. 2.
    Tech suits
    On one hand we all love them because you go so fast and they make feel like a badass and that your unstoppable. On the other hand they are a nightmare to put on. You need at least one person to help you out to get it on. Getting it over the butt and shoulders is like going to war. Also that worst part is when you get on and you realize that you ripped it.
  3. 3.
    Mother Nature so called gift is nightmare even if you aren't a swimmer. If your a swimmer then it's 10 times worse. Not even going to go into to detail you can use your imagination and figure out why it's so bad.
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