Emojis can say more than words
  1. 🌚 this moon means a lot of things. I constantly use it when someone say I did something, but I don't want to 'admit' it, basically it's like "I don't know what you're talking about" and it means for sexual things, too.
  2. 😒 this face is like my mood everyday. Like "I don't care. I don't wanna talk. Leave me alone" and others Emo things
  3. 😩 I use this emoji as fuck. I use it every time when I don't wanna do something, an example: "I got math lessons 😩". Or if I see something really beautiful, I say "oh it's so beautiful 😩" It's like I was lamenting something, you know.
  4. 👀 I don't need to say nothing about it, you know 👀
  5. 💅🏻 this emoji I can use to so many things. It's like "I got it, babe 💅🏻" or I don't know. I use it so much and an iconic KP's quote "too busy for bullshit bb 💅🏻"