Things to remember from when Maddie was 3
  1. Paw patrol, paw patrol, paw patrol
  2. The way she dances and hops around when Matt or I come up while yelling mama or dada in pure glee
  3. Her all time favorite thing to do is act like a kitty. Halloween was a "dream come true"
  4. Her best friends are Gracie and Faryn
  5. She loves making up songs on the spot "every day we wear a happy face....a happy face..."
  6. She took her first dance class and performed at her first recital...which was hilarious 😀
  7. A year of firsts....waterfall, carved pumpkin, Riding a trike, roller coaster to name a few
  8. Her gentle and tender moments are heart melting "I'll always be here for you matter what"
  9. Her 'going under water face' is priceless
  10. She loooooves swimming lessons