If you haven't read Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Guidice's prison memoir, Turning the Tables (I assume you are a much more discerning person than I am and have not), please allow me to list for you the items on her Secret-inspired prison vision board
  1. Making 40 million dollars so she can take care of her girls & help needy children around the world
  2. A handwritten note to God asking Him to bring her home as soon as possible
  3. Making yoga DVDs
  4. Creating her own shoe, clothing, bathing suit, and children's clothing lines
  5. Getting a place in Florida on the beach
  6. Abs
  7. Private jet
  8. Money, money, money
  9. Opening a restaurant
  10. Rolls Royce
  11. Helicopter
  12. A wish for the entire world to be happy and healthy and for everyone to have a place to live, enough food and clean water, and to be with their families