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I live here and perhaps you do too. What's great about DC at the holidays?
  1. Holiday decorations at hotel bars
    The Willard is tops for opulent decorations and fancy drinks
  2. The national Christmas Tree
    And all the state trees. Ok this whole scene is kinda underwhelming but they do have a Yule log!
  3. Lighter traffic and less crowded restaurants
    DC is known as a transient city. Over the holidays, people go back to where they came from and leave us to roam the city uninhibited!
  4. Miracle on 7th St, the holiday-themed pop up bar
    New this year but can't wait to go
  1. Chop't: kebab Cobb salad
    Kinda screwed up my dressing choice. I'll give the experience a B but have no one to blame but myself.
  2. Orvis: dog bed
    This better be the nicest piece of pet furniture ever because $$. I will spend any amount for the comfort of my dog!!
  3. Madewell: silk top I am wearing right now
    Can help ease into a Monday by wearing a good (new!) outfit
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This show is bonkers.
  1. The Claw of Shame
    Nathan performs a magic trick with the Highest Possible Stakes. No one understands why. Basically including this for the kids' reactions at the end. Even the youth know Nathan is a loser.
  2. Anything with the private investigator who deeply dislikes Nathan
    Like, really really dislikes Nathan.
  3. Souvenir Shop
    This wonderful segment features a pretty good Johnny Depp impersonator and a pretty awful Bill Gates impersonator. Hollywood movies really should require their extras to spend their own money to buy items in the scene. Restaurants would rake it in!
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These are the best games of all time, a collaboration between me and Ben, who refuses to download the app and be my friend
  1. 9.
    Watch Out for THAT!
  2. 8.
    Draw A Turnip
  3. 7.
    Mussel Mania
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My dog, Cindy Pawford, is 100 percent happiness guaranteed
  1. Looking balefully out the window while dressed as a cowgirl for Halloween
  2. Getting some good pets in after we spent the weekend apart
  3. Licking my face while selfie taking on our brand new rug
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Note that I am a fairly terrible singer and rely on shout singing
  1. TLC - No Scrubs
    Warning: is kind of long
  2. Eagle Eye Cherry - Stay Tonight
    Ok, never actually snag this one but I think about it a lot.
  3. The Killers - Mr. Brightside
    Truly the shouting doesn't get much better than this
  4. Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger
    Such pathos! Great as a duet/pretending you are drunk brothers engaged in a fierce musical rivalry