1. Chop't: kebab Cobb salad
    Kinda screwed up my dressing choice. I'll give the experience a B but have no one to blame but myself.
  2. Orvis: dog bed
    This better be the nicest piece of pet furniture ever because $$. I will spend any amount for the comfort of my dog!!
  3. Madewell: silk top I am wearing right now
    Can help ease into a Monday by wearing a good (new!) outfit
  4. Rio Cafe or something: Steak quesadilla.
    I went here because I couldn't find parking at the first taco place I tried. I have parking anxiety but really love Mexican food. But it was pretty good!
  5. [Redacted]
    Christmas presents! I can't put those online for all of list app to see! It's a surprise!!