This show is bonkers.
  1. The Claw of Shame
    Nathan performs a magic trick with the Highest Possible Stakes. No one understands why. Basically including this for the kids' reactions at the end. Even the youth know Nathan is a loser.
  2. Anything with the private investigator who deeply dislikes Nathan
    Like, really really dislikes Nathan.
  3. Souvenir Shop
    This wonderful segment features a pretty good Johnny Depp impersonator and a pretty awful Bill Gates impersonator. Hollywood movies really should require their extras to spend their own money to buy items in the scene. Restaurants would rake it in!
  4. Gas Station
    Nathan runs a gas station promotion for a rebate. Determined, value-hunting souls join him on a hike to the rebate claim submission box. All look deep into themselves as they face the near-impossible task.
  5. Dumb Starbucks
    Nathan takes advantage of fair use laws to create a "parody" Starbucks store. Everyone goes nuts for it and the store gets tons of media coverage. As a lawyer, I love this exploitation of a loop hole. Respect to the NFY legal team!
  6. Hot Dog Stand
    This is my favorite. Nathan sets up system whereby folks in a hurry can skip the Pink's hot dog line. Liar lies to skip the line. Nathan tricks him into boarding a boat for a "lobster lunch" and surprises him with a confrontation with the people whom he cut in line. So satisfying for all us rule-followers!!