Love it, share it, spread it! Concept from a play written by Nessa Norich 2014 for the NY NEO FUTURISTS
  1. I love me coz- sometimes when I get neurotic and/or nervous in social situations or before an audition or something- I just need to listen to "I have Confidence" by Maria Von Trapp and then my super morale is back on point!! And that's coool!!!
  2. I love me coz- I have a little rib cage and big juicy bootythighs and they are strong AF and I can run upstairs. REAL FAST. And eat a normal amount of food and still feel good. And that's cooool!!!!
  3. I love me coz- My brain is a machine made of weird star parts & nothing & everything and it's completely mine. No one else gets to make any changes to it unless I say so & I can think up lots of weird shit with it for making art, change, dreams. Someone said to me the other day "who made you sherif?" & I said, "why, me of course!". and that's cool!
  4. I love me coz- I have great taste in people!!!! Like @originalamericantreat & @MikeCPuckett (to name a few rad peeps). That's sooo cool!!!
  5. I love me coz- my "bogan Australian" accent is a representive of my past, which is painful and beautiful. While I use to be embarrassed coz it wasn't refined and as one dude says is a "boner crusher", now, I don't give a FAAARK. Also, it's so funny!! Bogan Aussie humor is soooo funny. I love it!!!! And that's cool!