As you can tell, I'm probably my TA's favorite student
  1. Wow these atoms must be really good friends because these bonds are not breaking!
  2. In observation notebook: solid compound looks like crumbs at bottom of cheez-it bag
  3. I think recrystallization might be my favorite lab technique.. [Why's that?] Because it's like you're bringing something back to life.. That's more pure. You're reprimanding it for being dirty and then giving it a second chance.
  4. Clean up is the best part of lab. Just kidding. I like making messes. I'm like entropy.
  5. In observation notebook: a snowpocolypse happened inside my flask (describing the drop wise addition of acid that results in the formation of magnesium hydroxide)
  6. And many more things that I can't think of at the moment. Honestly you'd be surprised at how many times I compare molecules' color, shape, etc. to various foods...