1. Bermie Jambers
    He's got the jam and he knows you've got it!
  2. Donal Logue
    He's not Kevin Corrigan but it's good!
  3. Himpanny Crampus
    Scary but merry
  4. Job Buch
    He's got a job and you're hired!
  5. Mica Huckabe
    She said fuckabees! And I say vote for him
  6. Black Obama
    If it's ain't broke don't impeach it
  7. Chicken Salad
    With a side of tuna please
  8. Stalin
    Thanks but no thanks
  9. Alan Kavutzkoy
    I was sixth grade president!
  10. Bomby Jimbal
    He built a clock at school but so what?!
  11. Steve Ravioli
    He was at 9/11 and on the League!
  12. Pal Gore
    Hes my pal hes your pal he knows what to do
  13. Joel Bidden
    Cmon his son died just vote for him