Haven't been going to the movies recently and wanna know if I should make an effort to catch any of these. Also I don't watch trailers so all I have is word of mouth. Holla back
  1. Dope
    Some white and black friends are going crazy over dope. But some white and black friends don't care for it at all. What is it?
  2. Tangerine
    Everyone keeps talking about Tangerine but they only keep saying it was shot on an iPhone. Yeah okay it was shot on a phone is the story good, will I like it?
  3. Trainwreck
    I like Judd Apatow. I like Amy Schumer. But not one person has said anything to me about this. Positive or negative.
  4. Mission Impossible 5
    I like the franchise. I like cool stunts and set pieces. 3 was my favorite. Is this one cool? Should I IMAX it? Which are the best IMAXs in LA?
  5. Rikki and the Flash
    That's gotta be the dumbest fucking names for a movie and I hate the billboards and I'm embarrassed for Meryl Streep but I just found out it's a Jonathan Demme movie so that's cool. Is it good? What is it?
  6. The new Noah Baumbach movie
    Not While We're Young (which I liked). I think I heard someone say he has another one coming out already? Is that true? Is it already out? This is a movie I'll definitely see (so I guess it doesn't fit in this list) but I'm just looking for some more info here.
  7. The Guest
    Everyone is going nuts about this movie on Netflix but it's like "yeah it's a kinda cool thriller I dunno" kinda nuts.
  8. Schindler's List
    Haven't seen it yet.