1. When Robert DeNiro is leaving the cafeteria and the dude is like "see ya later, killer" and does some finger gun motion
  2. Also at the cafeteria but a different scene when Robert DeNiro stares at the Alka Seltzer in the cup
  3. When Jodie Foster asks "I dunno who's weirder, me or you?"
    Also her reaction to when Robert DeNiro says Harvey Keitel calls her a little piece of chicken.
  4. When he stabs the guy through the hand.
  5. When Cybill Shepard is leaving the porno theater and calls a cab and Robert DeNiro says to himself "I got a cab."
  6. At the restaurant when Robert DeNiro can't stop talking about how much he dislikes Albert Brooks.
    Also organizized. Also how she could have ordered anything she wanted.
  7. When Late For The Sky plays.