Sincere list alert. No bits.
  1. Food
    This includes shopping, preparing, planning, spending money, weight gain, health effects of food
  2. Clothes
    Wanna jump into future where we all wear purple jumpsuits and never think about it
  3. Exercise
    Not that I do but I think about it. Might be easier if I didn't have to deal with food.
  4. Emotions
    Especially communicating them.
  5. Money
    Self explanatory
  6. People I know dying
    Hasn't happened too recently but it will all my life forever and ever
  7. Bills and shit like that
    I know this is mostly covered in "money" but I literally don't know what I owe to what where when and am gonna get late fees and I'm screwed game over, man.
  8. Car stuff
    Gas, washing it, oil changes, repairs, who cares. Also traffic parking ugh
  9. Movies being bad
    Every year Woody Allen puts out a new movie and his recent ones feel like he shot his first drafts word for word and they're still better than 95% of all movies coming out. What's everyone's excuse? Just take a simple premise and execute it and don't be bad and don't play a sentimental score trying to tell me when to be sad.
  10. Household chores
    I'm a feminist but if I end up marrying someone who doesn't wanna work and wants to cook and clean all the time, fine by me, I'm not gonna complain.
  11. Getting into new music
    It's hard. Someone make me a spotify playlist.
  12. Sound mixing
    Very specific to my field. It's hard and it's boring and I want it good.
  13. Lack of likes on this list
    Oh well. It's life and life only.