Just some thoughts about my new favorite app. Might be updating this as I keep appin on this app.
  1. Being able to count down numerically.
    Sometimes I wanna start at ten and build to one. Don't always wanna tip my hand with what number one is.
  2. More followers.
    This is not a design flaw. I just don't have enough friends on here. Hook me up with a few more invites.
  3. It should say see all comments at the top, not bottom.
    I think Facebook got it right. Here, I start reading comments and get to the bottom and it's all "hey wanna see all the comments" and it's like "shit I didn't even start reading this comment thread at the top.
  4. Sub lists.
    C'mon how tight would that be? Being able to make little lists in this area?
  5. Random list button
    You click on the button and you get taken to a random list. Who knows what you'll find? Maybe I'll get more followers.
  6. Being able to add that plus sign to numbered lists
    So I get suggestions for shit like this