1. Fame comes with a price
    Yeah, you're the coolest guy in the room because you're the only one with a trending list but you're also always checking your phone to see all the new likes and relists.
  2. They don't care about you, they only care about your list
    Even though my super cool list trended, I only gained four followers. And I only got additional likes on my previous list. No one went further back. It's like you all only cared about the trending list and not the man behind it and all the other non-trending lists he may have made.
  3. As quick as the attention comes, it's gone
    Yesterday, I couldn't check the time on my phone without a ListApp notification. This morning, nothing. Had to make another list fast to get attention.
  4. Trending does not mean featured
    Whose dick do I gotta suck to get featured around here?
  5. This is what I live for
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    Go big or go home