1. You gotta make up all these things these characters do and say
    And they're constantly doing and saying stuff and it has to lead to more characters doing and saying other stuff. And it all has to be good.
  2. You gotta write to what you have
    That is if you're also making what you're writing. You gotta worry about actors and locations and props you can afford. Too many things.
  3. Jokes aren't funny
    Maybe it's funny when you write it but then you look at it again and it's not funny. I think non-jokes are funnier. I like when characters are sad. It's funny to me. Hard to write jokes.
  4. You're days away from shooting your first feature and you don't have a script
    This is very specific to my situation right now. Really hope the investors putting money into this movie aren't on List App
  5. Screenplays are long
    Shorts? Webisodes? Cool no problem. Features are like way too long. I gotta write all that? Then shoot all that? What the fuck
  6. There's no short cuts
    If you gloss over any beat, it's gonna come back and bite you in the ass. When you're shooting, the actor will be all "hey why do I say this" and it's like fuck because I need the audience to know about whatever the fuck I dunno.
  7. It's not gonna be Taxi Driver
    Or Network. Or Election. Or A Serious Man. Or Husbands and Wives. You're just stealing from these movies and doing it worse and that's what you do for a living and you're not even a doctor helping people.
  8. It's so easy to be distracted
    Literally everything is easier than focusing on what you're doing. Like List App ttyl