Yesterday. Thinks I thought yesterday.
  1. Oh god I can't breathe.
  2. Wakes up with a cold. Okay. Time to take the day off. Yayy.
  3. Not yayy, I can't breathe.
  4. Coughing.
  5. Coughing is tiring.
  6. Writes to the boss, who suggests I work from home.
  7. Coughing is tiring.
  8. Tries to have breakfast.
  9. Everything tastes like cardboard.
  10. Coughing is tiring.
  11. Tries to write for work. Discovers a head ache.
  12. Against better judgment, Google search: 'head ache symptoms of'
  13. Lies down and contemplates the prospect of encephalitis.
  14. Finds an abandoned Agatha Christie novel (The ABC murders)
  15. Four chapters in, remembers the ending.
  16. Abandon the novel. Again.
  17. Could I be the first person to die of a common cold?
  18. Attempts to order hot chocolate from the cafe down the street.
  19. They don't have hot chocolate. They offer your mango juice.
  20. Try to figure that one out.
  21. Fail. Sniffle lots. Cough.
  22. Coughing is tiring.
  23. Put on Aristocats.
  24. Everything is better.
  25. Fall asleep.