Love at first...

As we passed in the crowd ...
  1. I brushed up against your arm with mine and I felt a little electric shock.
  2. I could smell you. It was sweet. Memorable.
  3. Our eyes met and the glance lingered.
  4. I saw the elegant curve of each feature on your face.
  5. I couldn't stop thinking about you.
  6. I could t stop looking for you.
  7. You kept showing up at a distance and still our eyes met.
  8. I walked away but my smile never dimmed.
  9. Your face shows up in my dreams.
  10. I awake with a smile on my face but a sadness in my heart.
  11. Love at first sight, but a connection never realized.
    Do you think of me? Do you dream of me? Does the thought of us make you smile?