My most memorable meals...

  1. The first Thanksgiving after my Popo passed away.
    She was from China and didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, nor did she spend it with us. But her passing just before the holiday impacted us all and we felt her absence.
  2. The Thanksgiving right after my Grandpop passed.
    He would come to our house every night for dinner, and was the center of attention at my Aunties house every holiday. We didn't spend another Thanksgiving all together after that. Not for any good reason, but we didn't.
  3. The Thanksgiving just prior to my father passing.
    My dad went into the hospital with cancer and quickly got worse. He entered the hospital on November 18, and passed on December 8, two days before his birthday. His best friend surprised us by dropping off a complete home cooked Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings at the hospital. We hadn't even realized it was Thanksgiving. It was the last Thanksgiving we spent together as a family, as my Brother got married and my Sister moved out of state.