SPOILER ALERT. Also, I'm a nurse so some of this is healthcare jargon/rant
  1. Why does William not always have his oxygen on
  2. Randall why are you making a motel bed
    They have to change the sheets for the next person. I would hope
  3. B B King's restaurant. I've been there
  4. Oh gosh, William is making the death rattle. He's gonna die
    Robinul STAT
  5. Randall's face when the doctor tells him that Williams has hours, maybe a day. I have seen that face.
  6. 😥
  7. William doesn't need a heart monitor.
  8. An oxygen mask. Really. Give him back the nasal cannula so he can talk without taking it off
  9. 😭
  10. 😭
  11. Awe. The ducks 🦆
  12. 😭