Weekend recap: Labor Day weekend

  1. Saturday morning
    Helping my in laws move to this peace of paradise.
  2. Saturday afternoon/evening
    Playing dungeons and dragons with some friends
  3. Sunday: all day
    Work, work, work. 12 hour shift at the hospital. RN life
  4. Monday morning
    Being called off work 🎉🎉
  5. Monday lunch
    Celebratory Japanese food for lunch
  6. Stopped by a friend's shop
    Support small businesses!
  7. Froyo
    Yum yum
  8. I made salmon for dinner
    I'm glad it turned out great because salmon is expensive
  9. Chill time
  10. Hawaiian shave ice
    Supporting another friends business.
  11. And then we felt so full
  12. Then we fell asleep watching Harry Potter