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Lots of things annoy me (LOTS). Here's a sample. I might have to go live alone!
  1. Continuously late people
  2. The phrase "I'm so busy."
    We all are it's called Life!
  3. Being lied to when I know that it's a lie
    Or when I find out later
  4. Arrogant/self absorbed people!!
N has been playing soccer since she was 6 yrs old. To me she's a superstar!
  1. One of her first soccer pics
  2. Even at this young an age she had a love for the game
  3. Her footwork
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  1. Freshly groomed and working it!
  2. Ella loving a tired soccer player
  3. The pondering puppy
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These are movies I like, mine!!
  1. Any Harry Potter movie
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  1. My new plant. I'm so proud!
  2. Happiness is puppy cuddles
  3. She kicks ass!
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