Making this list is meta maybe? What's meta. It feels meta.
  1. Watch old SNL sketches
    And cry at my lack of creative talent
  2. Watch movies on cable I'd normally not want to see
    but I'm too lazy to open Netflix and fully commit to the procrastination
  3. Buy shoes online
    And wonder if there's a secret area in my apartment I didn't know about where they will actually fit because I'm rapidly running out of space
  4. Make dope playlists
    To get pumped about life at a later date and time
  5. Think about what it would be like to date a celebrity
    Then ultimately decide against it not just because it's unrealistic and I love my boyfriend but because I'm too neurotic to spontaneously change my current life in the name of love
  6. Pay special attention to my personal grooming and hygiene
    Cleaning out my hairbrush and flossing and shit