I've been binge watching the Americans and I don't have anyone to talk about it with

I think about TV a lot, (just starting season 3)
  1. I spend a lot of time thinking about how they're immigrant parents, but the isolation and disconnect is amplified because they can't talk about the homeland with their kids and assimilation is part of their cover story and keeps them alive.
    I've read analysis about their marriage becoming real,but not as much about them parenting in a new culture .
  2. The retro technology, tho
    The big ear buds, cassette tapes and hand decoding messages.
  3. I get to practice my Russian from college.
    Every once and awhile I feel victorious when they translate it wrong.
  4. Never has reading the AV Club recap after the show been as helpful.
    I love analysing TV analysis.
  5. The constant wigs and disguises make me think of Orphan Black a lot. Good, but Tatiana Maslany slays.