Small tweaks I would make to Lorelai's story in Gilmore Girls a year in the life

  1. Flesh out the reason Luke and Lorelai weren't married
    "We've both gotten divorced and the pressure of marriage made us implode before so we're content to stay dating. It works for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell "
  2. Change the reason they decide to get married
    None of this baby at 48 bullshit, but have it be about Richard's death makes Lorelai think about their mortality and that they want to be part of end of life care decisions and that the legal finally matters to them.
  3. Have the musical have more of a payoff
    Because it forces Lorelai to realize she doesn't fit in Stars Hollow anymore and she returns from her 'wild' trip realizing she doesn't want to own the inn if Sookie isn't there, so she becomes a consultant... or buys the second location but does something completely different.