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  1. I know you've all be thinking it:
  2. "What's up with Kayla and her profile name?"
  3. I mean, is it some type of reference to a book she loves?
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Because tomorrow (August 13th) marks the 50th Anniversary of its release, here are just a few facts about the classic film.
  1. Co-writer Robert Benton got the idea for the script from his father who had attended the funerals for Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.
  2. François Truffaut was David Newton and Robert Benton's first choice to direct the film but he passed in order to do Fahrenheit 451 (1966).
  3. Directors that Warren Beatty offered the chance to helm the film included Sydney Pollack, William Wyler, George Stevens, John Schlesinger, and Brian G. Hutton.
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In no particular order.
  1. flawed
  2. movie buff
  3. stubborn
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Inspired by @Boogie, @sarahmccoy, @julieann718, and @jennifergster
  1. movies
  2. Star Wars
  3. Fleetwood Mac
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Everyone- especially down here in SC- has their own biscuit recipe/method. I mean, even my mom and I have different ones.
  1. *- seriously, cold butter is one of the keys to this so after you cube it, stick it back in the freezer for 5-10 mins so it can get cold.
  2. "But what if I don't have a sifter, Kayla?!"
    Simply pour them together in your bowl and then take a whisk for a spin around it a few times.
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I don't actually have a dating profile but if I did, these probably wouldn't make the cut.
  1. acts like she's up for anything but secretly prays you'll just want to stay home and order takeout
  2. pretends to have a sophisticated sense of humor but is actually more on par with a five year old's
  3. will silently judge you if you list Oasis's "Wonderwall" as one of your favorite songs ever
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If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you've probably seen the bulk of these pictures and for that, I apologize. Also, I don't know why my pictures are making everything look crooked/off but I assure you that levels and rulers were used to make sure everything was even/square. 🤓
  1. The reason behind it:
    The room that houses the biggest portion of my book/movies/whatever collection- developed a leak right over the shelf that housed my YA books and ended up not only ruining some of the books, but also damaging the shelf itself. That combined with the fact that I've needed to add another shelf or two anyway lead me to finally clean out and redo the spare room so that I could move a portion of my collection over there.
  2. The actual room redo:
    I walked into the paint store with an entirely different color picked out only to end up falling madly in love with this one (Island Shores) instead. [Don't worry I plan to eventually paint my bathroom the other color.]
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Apologies for missing the first two days of the month but y'all know how life can be. 💛
In no particular order.
  1. Fleetwood Mac
  2. Star Wars
  3. Sarah Dessen novels
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