I can't do a list about Disney trivia without also doing one about Pixar. Well, I can but I'm not.
  1. After learning that they planned to have the figure blown up by Sid, Hasbro refused to allow Pixar to use the GI Joe name in Toy Story.
  2. The animators on Toy Story figured out how to achieve the movement of the plastic army men by nailing a pair of shoes to a board and trying to walk in them.
  3. A Bug's Life is the first Pixar film to have outtakes.
  4. Robert De Niro declined the opportunity to voice Hopper in A Bug's Life.
  5. The ideas for A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and Wall-E were all conceived during a single lunch meeting back in 1994.
  6. An error during production caused about 90% of Toy Story 2 to be deleted.
    They attempted to restore the lost footage from a backup only to discover that the backup was bad. Luckily, the Supervising Technical Director had been working from home and had an original copy of the footage they needed.
  7. Sully in Monsters Inc. has 2,320,413 individual strands of hair.
    It took animators 11 to 12 hours just to render one frame of him.
  8. Megan Mullally was hired and then fired from Finding Nemo.
    Producers thought the voice she used on Will & Grace was her actual voice and when she refused to recreate it for the film, she was let go.
  9. In order to make it sound like Nigel had Marlin and Dory in his mouth, Geoffrey Rush held his tongue while reciting his lines.
  10. Finding Nemo was the first Pixar film to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
  11. Sarah Vowell was chosen to voice Violet in The Incredibles after director Brad Bird heard her on an episode of "This American Life".
    Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson was cast because Bird wanted Frozone to have the coolest voice.
  12. The Incredibles was the first Pixar film to receive a PG rating.
  13. Cars was the final Pixar film to be released on VHS while also being the first to have a Blu-Ray release.
  14. There were plans to produce a Ratatouille wine as a tie-in for the movie, but they were scrapped after the California Wine Institute complained that it would encourage underage drinking.
  15. Remy from Ratatouille had 1,150,070 strands of hair while the human character Collette had 115,000.
    The average human has about 110,000.
  16. WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter earth class while EVE stands for Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator.
  17. WALL-E required 125,000 storyboards.
    Most Pixar films use about 75,000.
  18. Carl's house is lifted by 20,622 balloons in Up.
  19. Up's Charles Muntz is named after Charles Mintz.
    Mintz was the Universal Pictures executive who stole Walt Disney's production rights to the "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" cartoon series in 1928.
  20. Dug's line "I have just met you and I love you," was inspired by something a chid said while co-director/co-writer Bob Peterson was a camp counselor in the '80s.
  21. Toy Story 3 was the first animated film to earn over a $1 billion at the box office.
  22. Cars 2 was the first Pixar film to not be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature since the category's creation in 2001.
  23. The original title of Brave was The Bear and The Bow.
  24. Reese Witherspoon was originally cast as Merida in Brave.
  25. Merida is the first Disney/Pixar princess to not be based on a preexisting character or historical figure.
    She's also the first not to have a love interest, and the first to have brothers.
  26. Brave's animators had to learn the choreography for the fight scenes themselves.
  27. Helen Mirren was offered the role of Dean Hardscrabble outright, but still requested an audition to make sure that the film's producers were satisfied with their choice.
  28. Inside Out's writers considered including up to twenty-seven emotions before eventually settling on five in order to make it less complicated.
    Some of the emotions cut included Trust, Pride, and Surprise.
  29. Arlo's movements in The Good Dinosaur are based on those of a young elephant.
  30. A113 makes an appearance in every Pixar movie.
    It was a room used by the animation department at CalArts, which is the alma mater of a large number of Pixar animators.
  31. The Pizza Planet car from Toy Story has appeared in every Pixar film except for The Incredibles.
  32. John Ratzenberger has had a role in every Pixar film to date.