38 Pieces of Television Trivia

Just a little something different today. (And always, previous trivia lists can be found here: Every Trivia List I've Done So Far)
  1. The character of Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show was originally supposed to be a divorcée.
    However, this was eventually changed to a woman with a broken engagement because the show's producers feared that the viewing audience would see her as Laura Petrie from The Dick Van Dyke Show and think she had divorced Rob.
  2. Mary Tyler Moore wore a wig during the first season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in order to further distance herself appearance-wise from Laura Petrie.
  3. The picture on Hayley Atwell's driver's license features her in full Agent Carter hair, make-up, and clothing because the only time she could get down to the DMV and have it done was during a break in filming.
  4. Gomez and Morticia Addams were the first married couple that were implied to have a sex life on American television.
  5. The Munsters was shot in black and white because the studio didn't want to pay an additional $10,000 an episode for color.
  6. To achieve Samantha Stevens' famous nose twitch on Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery would quickly twitch her upper lip which caused her nose to move.
    This action would then be sped up in editing to make it appear like her nose was twitching.
  7. Gilda Radner was the first cast member to be hired for Saturday Night Live.
  8. Candice Bergen was the first female to host Saturday Night Live.
    She was also the first person to host the show for a second time and the first woman to host five times.
  9. Connie Britton played the coach's wife in both the film and television versions of Friday Night Lights.
    Her character was known as Sharon Gaines in the film and Tami Taylor in the TV series.
  10. Lucille Ball was 41 when the first episode of I Love Lucy aired.
  11. Selma Blair and Katie Holmes were both considered for the lead role of Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  12. All of the scenes featuring Ted's future children were filmed during the first season of How I Met Your Mother.
    This was done in order to keep them the same age throughout the series' run.
  13. While auditioning for the part of Laura Petrie, Mary Tyler Moore lied and told the producers she was four years older than she was.
    This was later worked into the episode, "Laura's Little Lie" where Rob found out that Laura had lied about her age by telling him she was 19 instead of 17.
  14. Cher was the first woman to show her belly button on television, not Barbara Eden.
    Barbara Eden's Jeanie costume not only had a skin toned piece of fabric that connected the top and pants, but there was also an extra piece of fabric that actually went inside her belly button to help conceal it.
  15. After winning her fifth Emmy for the role, Candice Bergen declined all future nominations for Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role for Murphy Brown.
  16. Despite playing Designing Women's very liberal-minded Julia Sugarbaker, Dixie Carter was actually a Republican.
    She struck a deal with the show's producers that she would get the opportunity to showcase her singing every time she had to deliver one of Julia's famous speeches that she didn't personally agree with.
  17. Mila Kunis was only 14 when That 70's Show began.
    When the producers asked how old she was during her audition, she misled them by telling them, "Well, I'll be eighteen on my birthday.
  18. C.J.'s ritual of lip-syncing to Ronny Jordan's "The Jackal" came after Aaron Sorkin saw Allison Janney do it to entertain the cast and crew.
    He liked it so much that he wrote it into the episode, "Six Meetings Before Lunch."
  19. Chris Pratt was only supposed to appear in six episodes of Parks and Recreation.
  20. Supernatural's creator, Eric Kripke, planned for the series to only run five seasons, which is why that season's finale was titled "Swan Song".
  21. The original title for Grey's Anatomy was Complications.
    It was also going to be set in Chicago instead of Seattle.
  22. Sandra Oh initially auditioned for the role of Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy.
    She later realized she liked the role of Christina Yang better and asked if she could audition for it.
  23. Some of the other potential names for Friends included Friends Like Us, Six of One, Across the Hall, Once Upon a Time in the West Village, and Insomnia Cafe.
  24. The frame that hung around the peephole of Monica's apartment door in Friends actually started out as a mirror.
    The mirror was broken by a crew member, but the set designers decided to still use it there because "it looked good."
  25. Megan Mullally almost took the role of Carrie Heffernan in King of Queens over the role of Karen Walker in Will & Grace.
    In the end, she decided to take the latter role and wound up winning two Emmy Awards for her work.
  26. All in the Family, The Golden Girls, and Will & Grace are the only shows so far to have had their principal cast members each win an Emmy Award.
  27. Rory's coffee cups on Gilmore Girls were always filled with Coke because Alexis Blendel doesn't like coffee.
  28. The exterior of The Dragonfly Inn in Gilmore Girls was the same exterior used for the Walton home in final reunion movies from the 90s.
  29. Back during his ER days, George Clooney used to write his lines-especially the ones using complicated medical terms- on papers, sheets, and other props used for the show.
  30. Luke Perry was supposed to be on Beverly Hills 90210 for only an episode or two because Fox wasn't completely sold on him or his character of Dylan McKay.
    Aaron Spelling paid his wages out his own pocket during those early episodes.
  31. When Shannen Doherty left Beverly Hills 90210, Drew Barrymore was offered her spot on the show.
    Barrymore declined it, though, in favor of focusing on her film career.
  32. Anna Faris auditioned for the role of Claire Fisher on Six Feet Under but claims the casting director laughed her off.
  33. Bellamy Young's Mellie Grant was supposed to only have a four or five episode arc on Scandal.
    In fact, her audition for the role consisted of just two lines.
  34. Because of the show's use of frequent flashbacks, Scandal's costume designer refuses to borrow designer clothes and instead insists that everything used on the show be purchased.
  35. Mariska Hargitay's desk on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has a framed photo of her late mom Jayne Mansfield on it.
  36. Bob Newhart specifically requested that his and Suzanne Pleshette's characters on The Bob Newhart Show not have children because he didn't want it to become another comedy about a bumbling father.
    The writers did once write a script about Bob and Emily having a baby, which made Bob Newhart laugh and ask who was going to play Bob for that episode.
  37. Despite playing Ariel on Once Upon a Time, Joanna Garcia Swisher can't actually swim.
  38. Many of the items seen in Mr. Gold's pawn shop are things that the Once Upon a Time cast have brought in.