1. A little background/confession:
    It's taken me a few days to fulfill this request from the lovely/brilliant/wonderful @dreadpiratemama because when it first arrived, I wasn't sure there were any things I really liked about myself. I mean that's always been something I struggle with anyway, but this month it's been like it's been magnified times ten.
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    I know part of that's because of my upcoming birthday on the 15th (cards can be sent to...😛) which always makes me a little sad and more critical of myself and the things I've still yet to do in my life. The other part though I haven't quite figured out other than I think it's comes from a) general exhaustion and b) my feelings about what's going on around the world right now.
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    Given my pretty crummy feelings, I was tempted to just half-ass it by going with my standard reply when someone usually asks me this question until I realized that this might be one of those- excuse the cliché- blessing in disguise moments by giving me a chance to step back and look for the good in myself that I truly do like instead of being overwhelmed by the rest. So, without further ado, here are the four things I've found that I really do like about myself:
  4. the scar beside my right eye
    I got it after taking a tumble off the rocking horse I was standing on. But while some may see that as a flaw, I see it as a reminder of being stubborn enough to do what *I* wanted. Sure, my mom was right and I did end up falling and sure, I walked away from it with a set of stitches but at least I was brave/foolish/stubborn enough to make a choice despite being told multiple times not to.(Which is still a lesson I need refresher courses on although I wouldn't recommend the rocking horse tumble)
  5. my knowledge of movies and other random information
    While it didn't make me very popular in high school, it's now become one of the quickest— and easiest— ways to connect with the people I meet in my life. In fact, most of the relationships I have in my life started because of a "Me too" or a "Did you know...." whenever somebody shared a movie/book/singer they loved. (A good example of this is my time here. I mean I've connected with most of y'all because of some kind of movie/music/trivia list.)
  6. my humor
    One of my favorite things my dad has ever told me is that music and a good sense of humor will help get you through a lot of things in life, and he's kind of right. Whether it's the time I fractured my arm trying skate down our driveway, the demise of a long relationship, or even the mouse that jumped out at my face the night, as long as I can find some tiny glimmer of humor in it, it means I'm more than likely going to be okay.
  7. my heart
    Is it perfect? No. There are scars and hairline cracks and clumps of glue from all the times it's been broken and repaired, but it's also what really guides me and makes me who I am. 💛