46 Pieces of Movie Trivia: Musicals Edition

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  1. The actors who played the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz were only paid $50 per six day work week while the dog who played Toto was paid $125.
  2. Forty four million people tuned into the first television broadcast of The Wizard of Oz on November 3, 1956.
  3. The dress worn by Glinda the Good Witch was originally worn by Jeanette MacDonald in 1936's San Francisco.
  4. The original set of slippers made for The Wizard of Oz were silver just like in the books upon which the film was based.
    They were changed, however, when studio boss Louis B. Meyer realized it would be beneficial to the Technicolor production for them to be colored.
  5. The "fire" that strikes the Wicked Witch's hand when she tries to take the ruby slippers from Dorothy was actually apple juice that spewed out of the shoes.
    The film was sped up in order to make it look like fire.
  6. The Sound of Music was one of the first three films to be released on VHS tape back in 1977.
    The other two films were Patton (1970) and MASH (1970).
  7. Kurt's high note in "So Long, Farewell" was actually sung by Darleen Carr, a.k.a. the younger sister of Charmaine Carr (Liesel).
  8. Julie Andrews almost turned down the role of Maria in The Sound of Music because she feared it was too much like her role in Mary Poppins.
  9. The actors in West Side Story's rival gangs were instructed to play pranks on one another in order to keep tensions high.
  10. The actors of West Side Story wore out 200 pairs of shoes, applied more than 100lbs of make-up, split 27 pairs of pants and performed in 30 different recording sessions throughout the film's production.
  11. Due to a broken zipper, Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into the black pants she wore during Grease's carnival scenes.
  12. The final shot of the "Good Mornin'" number in Singin' in the Rain took forty takes.
  13. Gene Kelly intentionally choreographed his dances numbers with Cyd Charisse in Singin' in the Rain so that one of them would always be bending towards and backwards from the other in order to help conceal the fact that she was taller than he was.
  14. A microphone had to be hidden in Debbie Reynolds' blouse so that that her lines could be more clearly heard.
  15. The "blood" that Satine coughs up in Moulin Rouge! is a mixture of red food coloring, corn syrup, and water.
  16. The necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge! is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever created for a film.
    It had 1,308 diamonds and was valued at $1 million.
  17. Actress Judy Tyler was killed in an automobile accident just three days after filming wrapped on Jailhouse Rock.
    Because of this, Elvis chose not to ever see the completed film.
  18. Leslie Caron didn't speak English when she was cast in An American in Paris.
    Due to having an American mother, she had a vague understanding of the language but she wasn't conversant. Luckily, though, the role didn't have many lines. But interestingly enough....
  19. ...when Alan Jay Lerner went to London to meet with her about starring in Gigi, he was surprised to discover that she had become so immersed in British culture that she had lost her French accent.
  20. Most of Leslie Caron's wardrobe in An American in Paris was recycled from Elizabeth Taylor's character in 1950's Father of the Bride.
  21. Of all the musicals he made, An American in Paris was Gene Kelly's favorite.
  22. Each scene in Oklahoma! was filmed twice- once in 70mm and again in 35mm.
  23. The legend that Frank Sinatra walked off the set of Carousel after discovering that each scene was to be filmed twice isn't true.
    He left the production after receiving a call from his then-wife Ava Gardner, informing him that she was going to have an affair with her Mogambo co-star Clark Gable if he didn't fly to Africa where she was filming.
  24. Carousel was originally going to be filmed in both Cinemascope 55 and 35mm Cinemascope until the filmmakers discovered they could achieve both prints from one negative.
  25. Marni Nixon dubbed Natalie Wood's singing in West Side Story, Deborah Kerr's in The King and I, and Audrey Hepburn's in My Fair Lady.
    She actually made an onscreen appearance as one of the nuns in The Sound of Music.
  26. One of the first wireless microphones was used during production of My Fair Lady.
    It was hidden beneath Rex Harrison's tie and would occasionally pick up nearby police calls.
  27. In order to get Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire to agree to star in Funny Face, the produces told each that the other had already signed on because they figured the two wouldn't pass up the chance to work together.
  28. Audrey Hepburn was offered the chance to reprise her role of Gigi for the film adaptation but declined it in order to star in Funny Face.
  29. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers took only 48 days to film.
  30. Scenes for the widescreen version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers were shot in the mornings while the normal ratio ones were shot in the afternoon.
  31. For the female costumes in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, costume designer Walter Plunkett found old quilts at the Salvation Army and turned them into dresses.
  32. Several night scenes in Mamma Mia were actually shot during the day and then altered in post-production.
    This includes the "I Have a Dream" scene.
  33. Cher was offered the role of Tanya in Mamma Mia but had to decline it due to tour commitments.
  34. Despite receiving top billing in Hairspray, Allison Janney only has three minutes of screen time.
  35. Aretha Franklin auditioned for the role of Motormouth Maybelle in Hairspray but lost out to Queen Latifah.
  36. Flower Drum Song is the only Rodgers and Hammerstein musical to not be released by 20th Century-Fox.
    Instead it was produced and released by Universal.
  37. Olivia Newton-John fractured her coccyx while filming the "Suddenly" dance sequence in Xanadu.
  38. Xanadu along with Can't Stop the music inspired John Wilson to create the Golden Raspberry Awards (aka the Razzies).
  39. The Xanadu club set cost $1 million dollars to build.
  40. Hugh Jackman was offered the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago, but turned it down because he felt he was too young.
    He said later that he regretted his decision.
  41. During the "Cell Block Tango" sequence in Chicago, all of the women perform with a red bandana except for Hunyak. This is because Hunyak is the only one who's actually innocent of the crime she's accused of.
  42. Top Hat was one of the film's that rescued RKO from bankruptcy.
    The other was King Kong.
  43. To better contrast the bright white of the Lido set in Top Hat, the water in the canals was dyed black.
  44. The scene where Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance on roller skates in Shall We Dance? took 150 takes to get right.
  45. Jane Russell's fall into the pool during the "Ain't Anyone Here For Love" sequence in Gentle Prefer Blondes wasn't scripted.
    She was accidentally knocked in by one of the swimmers diving into the water.
  46. The storefront used for River City Candy Kitchen in Bye, Bye Birdie was used forty years later as the storefront for Doose's Market in Gilmore Girls.