Is this a sign that my best li.sts are behind me? Quite possibly. [I added a few more things because... I guess secretly I hope others will join in? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ]
  1. β€’
    Movie I Watched:
    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
  2. β€’
    Film I Saw In A Theater:
  3. β€’
    Movie I Rented:
  4. β€’
    Concert I Went To:
    Stevie Nicks w/ the Pretenders (November 12, 2016)
  5. β€’
    Song I Listened To: Scissors Sisters' "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'"
  6. β€’
    Song I Sang Along With: Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
  7. β€’
    Album I Listened To In Its Entirety:
  8. β€’
    TV Show I Marathoned:
    "Rick & Morty"
  9. β€’
    Thing I Said: "For the love of all things holy, leave the shades alone, Mo."
  10. β€’
    Curse Word I Used: a very loud DAMMIT/DAMN IT!
  11. β€’
    Said "I love you": while getting off the phone with my mom earlier
  12. β€’
    Crush I Had: .....
  13. β€’
    Trip I Took: the oh-so-exotic location of Pigeon Forge, TN
  14. β€’
    State I Stood In That Wasn't My Own:
  15. β€’
    Dream I Had: being sent back to high school because nobody believed me when I told them I'd already graduated
  16. β€’
    Tweet I Favorited:
  17. β€’
    Place That Made Me Want To Move There: California
    This is mostly because of the pictures friends post.
  18. β€’
    Book I Read:
  19. β€’
    Time I Fell Madly In Love With Someone:
    I think you have to fall a little in love with the people you choose have in your life. That said, the last person that I fell madly in love with while also wanting to kiss their face was around 24-25.
  20. β€’
    Thing I Ate/Drank: water with a side of apples and peanut butter
  21. β€’
    Meal I Made: chicken quesadillas
  22. β€’
    Time I Laughed Out Loud: earlier today at something absolutely ridiculous that a friend sent me
  23. β€’
    Picture I Took:
    It was for National Siblings Day, y'all.
  24. β€’
    Picture I Drew:
  25. β€’
    Thing I Wrote Down: a list of things I needed to look up
  26. β€’
    Gift I Bought: books for my neighbors' sweet new baby
  27. β€’
    Serious Purchase I Made: Groceries
  28. β€’
    Frivolous Purchase I Made:
    Metallic yellow Dorbz for my Power Rangers set. (Yeah, I know but nostalgia is a powerful thing.)
  29. β€’
    YouTube Video I Watched: Super Golden Friends
  30. β€’
    GIF I Used:
    Sent to my brother.
  31. β€’
    Tweet I Sent:
  32. β€’
    Time I Did Something For The Hell Of It: Erm....πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
  33. β€’
    Thing That Made Me Roll My Eyes: something on the news
  34. β€’
    Thing I Do Before I (Hopefully) Go to Sleep at Night: say a prayer
  35. β€’
    Wish I Made: the same wish I make on every star, penny, 11:11, and birthday candle.
  36. β€’
    Instagram I Posted:
    My brother's ridiculous dog.
  37. β€’
    Thing I Saved To My Camera Roll:
    It makes me so happy and yet so sad.
  38. β€’
    Tv Show I Started: "Schitt's Creek"
  39. β€’
    Celebrity Crush I Had:
    Ender Inciarte
  40. β€’
    App I Downloaded: Unroll.Me
  41. β€’
    AIM Screen Name I Used: kaydbug89
  42. β€’
    Heart I Broke: my own
  43. β€’
    Thing I Learned: forgiveness*
    *β€” it's an ongoing, never ending class for me.
  44. β€’
    Quote That Spoke To My Heart:
    From Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar
  45. β€’
    Injury: burning my hand while removing something from the oven
  46. β€’
    Big Decision I Considered: moving/taking a long vacation to anywhere but here
  47. β€’
    Hello: my friend Johanna
  48. β€’
    Goodbye: someone who wasn't good for me
  49. β€’
    Person I Missed: tie between my grandfather and the girl I always thought I was supposed to me
  50. β€’
    Selfie I Took:
    Don't tell meβ€” I know I look rough.
  51. β€’
    Thing I Did For Myself: picked up a pen to start writing again