Disney are known sticklers for getting the details right so they often use(d) models in order to help develop the look and movements of their characters.
  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937):
    Marge Champion served as the live action model for Snow White.
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    Don Brodie doing live action reference for the Evil Queen/Witch
  9. Pinocchio (1940):
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    Marge Champion was also the model for the Blue Fairy.
  12. Bambi (1942):
    Walt Disney with some of the fawns used as reference sources for the animators.
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  14. Cinderella (1950):
    Helene Stanley was the live action model for Cinderella.
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    Elenor Audley gave life to Lady Tremaine, both by lending her voice to the role and serving as the live action model for animators.
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    Claire Du Brey was the model for the Fairy Godmother.
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    Helene Stanley also served as the reference model for Anastasia Tremaine while Rhoda Williams was Drizella Tremaine.
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    Jeffery Stone and Helene Stanley as Prince Charming and Cinderella
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  25. Alice in Wonderland (1951):
    Then twelve year old Kathryn Beaumont served as both voice and model for the young Alice.
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    Kathryn Beaumont and Jerry Colonna
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    Richard Hayden as the Caterpillar with Kathryn Beaumont
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    Ed Wynn and Kathryn Beaumont
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  43. Peter Pan (1953)
    Hans Conreid gave both voice and inspiration to the dastardly Captain Hook.
  44. Static
    Bobby Driscoll filled the role of the young boy who refused to grow up.
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    Margaret Kerry served as the inspiration for the feisty Tinker Bell.
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    Paul Collins as John Darling
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    Two years after playing Alice, Kathryn Beaumont would lend both voice and inspiration to the role of Wendy Darling.
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    Michael Luske, Kathryn Beaumont, and Paul Collins who also voiced the roles of Michael, Wendy, and John Darling.
  65. Lady and the Tramp (1955):
  66. Sleeping Beauty (1959):
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    Elenor Audley not only was the voice of Maleficent but served as the live action model as well.
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  69. Local
    Helene Stanley also served as the reference model for Princess Aurora.
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    Elenor Audley with Ed Kemmer (Prince Phillip)
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  77. One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961):
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    Mary Wickes as the devilish Cruella.
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    Helene Stanley and Mary Wickes
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    Don Barkley took a tumble as a reference model for Nanny.
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  84. The Jungle Book (1967):
    Director Wolfgang Reitherman's son was the reference model for Mowgli.
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    Louis Prima channeling King Louie.
  86. The Aristocats (1970):
  87. This series of reference photos was for...
  88. ...this scene.
  89. The Little Mermaid (1989):
    Before she lent her voice to Slappy Squirrel on "Animaniacs", Sherri Stoner helped give life to Ariel.
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    Joshua Finkel served as the reference model for Prince Eric.
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    Funk Fact: Sherri Stoner was also the reference model for Belle in Beauty and the Beast (1991).
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  99. The Lion King (1994):