Alternate title: The Reason Why I Won't Watch Movies With Him
  1. A little background:
    I always watch the original Star Wars trilogy on New Year's Day in the same way that I watch Almost Famous on my birthday and The Sound of Music on Thanksgiving. I don't know why, I just do. Anyway, I was in the middle of Return of the Jedi (1982) when he finally decided to drag in late last night/early this morning, so that the following conversation could take place. 😬
  2. D: "Does Star Wars take place in the future?"
  3. Me: "No, it takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."
  4. D: "How do you know that?"
  5. Me: "Because I'm a film nerd. It also tells you that bit of information at the beginning of every movie."
  6. D: "Oh."
  7. *a minute or so passes*
  8. D: "Well..."
  9. Me:
  10. D: "...I was just wondering, because they have all this future stuff but look like they were made in the seventies and eighties."
  11. Me: "That's because this trilogy *was* made in the seventies and eighties."
  12. D: "Oh."
  13. *a few minutes pass, during which I'm convinced he plays every Snapchat video he can find at full volume*
  14. D: "What did—"
  15. Me: "For the love of Yoda, will you just go to bed??"
  16. D: "Yoda's the green dude, right?"
  17. Me:
    Mercifully, he went away after that and I was able to finish my beloved movie in peace.