All About Mo

I'll stop with the dog lists after this one but after she was so sick last week, I feel like it's even more important to celebrate the four years (today!) of life I've shared with her.
  1. She was abandoned by her previous owners.
    When the couple that used to live next door busted up, they both walked off and left Mo and their other dogs in the middle of a scorcher summer. Having the tender, animal loving heart that I do, I spent the next few weeks taking them ice water and food and exploring options on what I could do with them only for the husband to show up and take them one day while I was gone. He would have taken Mo too except that she was in my house because she kept jumping the fence and following me home.
  2. A week or so after the husband took the other dogs, the wife finally decided to show back up to get their mail. When my mom accidentally brought Mo up, the wife quickly told me that I could either have her or take her to the pound because she "didn't want her anymore." I'd grown too attached to her by that point to just leave her at the pound so I kept her.
  3. She was the exception to my dad's rule.
    For years my dad told us that we couldn't have anything else that ate or drank around the house. However, he caved with Mo and told me she could stay.
  4. Because I didn't raise her from the beginning, I don't actually know how old she is.
    That said, I'm ninety-two percent sure she was towards the end of puppy-dom when I got her.
  5. I thought I was going to have to shave her bald because her fur was so matted and infested with fleas.
    Before I ever brought her in the house, I gave her a bath...and then another...and another. It was awful, y'all. But with a lot patience and some help from my amazing mom, we managed to de-flea and de-matte her without having to shave her bald. (She did, however, sport a wonky haircut for a few weeks. 😄)
  6. Her nicknames include Mo, Giz, Momosa, Mo-Mo, Mosie, Fur Ball, and Underbite.
    But when I'm mad at/frustrated with her, it's Gizmo.
  7. She's the reason I can't keep shades in the front windows.
    Whenever she hears a car pull into the yard or someone at the front door, she runs over to those windows and scratches at the blinds until she can pull them down and see who's out there.
  8. She's not much of a barker.
    About 85% of the barking she does is when I ask her questions like "What do you think, Mo?"
  9. She's survived two bouts with HGE (Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis).
    Most dogs don't even get it and only about ten percent of the dogs who do, get it more than once.
  10. She looooves other animals.
    Except she's not a huge fan of my brother's dog because he used to grab her by the tail and pull her out of her hiding places when he was a puppy.
  11. She's Harry Houdini when it comes to figuring out how to get out of her play area.
    This is why she can no longer go in and out of the dog door as she pleases, but instead requires a constant chaperone.
  12. The only thing I've found that scares her is the sound of fireworks exploding.
    An old picture, but it's basically how she spent last night.
  13. She has a habit of licking my legs or pressing her wet nose against them as she walks by me.
    I guess it's her way of letting me know she's around.
  14. She loses her mind whenever I leave.
    But it isn't so much because she loves me as it is she thinks I'm going to my grandmother's house without her.
  15. Speaking of my grandmother, she's a *big* fan of Mo.
    Like when my parents show up without me, I think my gram is a little disappointed when I show up at her house without Mo.
  16. Her best friend is a stuffed monkey called Monk-Monk.
    One of the things I have to do this week is add some more stuffing to him and sew him back up.
  17. Sometimes I think she thinks she's human.
    This is because if you call her a dog, she cocks her head to the side and looks at you like you've lost your ever-loving mind. (By the way, that's @sarahdessen's latest, Saint Anything in the above pic which Mo gave two paws up.)
  18. She likes to sleep on her back.
    It still makes me laugh four years later.
  19. She likes to make me chase her around her play area when I tell her it's time to go inside.
    It's kind of annoying but it's also hilarious because it always looks like she has a smile on her face as she's running circles around me.
  20. She's managed to worm her way into hearts other than mine.
    When we went to Chapel Hill back in April, my dad looked at the hotel I'd booked to see if it was pet friendly because if it was, he was going to bring her along with us. More importantly, when I was struggling to come up with the $400+ deposit the vet wanted to treat her when she was so sick last week, my parents and brother stepped in to help because "family takes care of family and she's family".
  21. She's seriously the best.