I'm in the middle of a major clean out of my living space, which always results in some interesting/nostalgic finds.
  1. a project from my preschool days
    According to the inside, I'm also a princess.
  2. this rock that I brought home from a family vacation
    What can I say— I had a thing for rocks when I was little. As for this one, I used to carry it around and rub it between my fingers when I got anxious.
  3. a Gameboy Color with a Pokémon game
  4. this was whatever Nintendo's version of the Giga Pet was
  5. Mementos from a Launch field trip to Space Camp when I was in the 6th grade:
  6. one of the first pictures of Duchess that was ever taken
  7. the summer reading for my advanced English class*
    aka the bane of my existence that summer.
  8. my first well-loved copy of John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany & Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
  9. the twist top from my first alcoholic beverage and the little alien figure I used to keep in my car's dash in order to keep my (then) best friend— who was *terrified* of aliens— from snooping through my stuff
  10. my high school ring that I've worn *maybe* three months total since I got it my junior year
    Already taking bets on when I'll misplace it again.
  11. the birthday banner that the teacher I did my service learning for had her students make for my 17th birthday + some notes/drawings they did for me throughout the year + notes/drawings from the kids I used to babysit/tutor
  12. my safety glasses from my AP Chem class signed by all of my classmates
  13. one of my name tags from the first job I had to actually file taxes for
    Surprise: I was a video clerk.
  14. a couple of pictures from my high school photography class
  15. an 18th birthday card from a late— and *very* dearly missed— friend
  16. my button from the first orientation day
  17. rings from my first serious relationship
    I should've realized it probably wouldn't work out when neither of the rings were the right size. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  18. this portrait that I drew of my younger brother + a couple of old sketchbooks I'd misplaced and scraps of paper with thoughts/ideas scribbled on them
  19. the last set of dog tags that Duchess had
    She was my best friend for 14 years and I still miss her every day.
  20. two undeveloped rolls of film
    What's on them? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  21. pictures of family, friends, and some people who have long faded out of my life
  22. a speech I wrote back when I had illusions of being valedictorian and a letter written by a girl who— at the time— didn't believe she had a place in the world
  23. letters to Carrie Fisher, Stevie Nicks, and Sarah Dessen that were written by a 15-17 year old Kayla, but never sent
    I did eventually reach out the Sarah, which is how our friendship began
  24. an old poetry project + a few other writings that maybe weren't all that terrible
  25. a list of attributes I wanted in a significant other after the first boy I ever loved broke my heart
    Not gonna lie—24 year old Kayla might've had it together better than 28 year Kayla does when it comes to dating.
  26. mixed CDs
  27. an embarrassing amount of Chapsticks
    This is only a small fraction of what I found. 😬
  28. enough pens to last three or four lifetimes
    But even knowing this, I'll still continue to buy them.
  29. $$— including two Kennedy half dollars, a Susan B. Anthony quarter, Canadian coins (not pictured) + a True Love Waits coin from my religious days
  30. this dog who refused to help me
  31. To be continued?