1. Static
    I don't use the word hero much anymore in relation to celebrities/well known people. I mean sure, there are ones I greatly admire, but rarely do I bestow to them the same title I give to people like my mom and my grandmother. Carrie Fisher, though? Carrie Fisher's been my hero since I was six years old; first as the tough yet vulnerable Princess Leia, then as a writer and finally as a just really kickass human being.
  2. Static
    I mean it's because of her that I first learned that women didn't have to be the damsels in distress that society had/has this tendency of portraying us to, but rather that we too could save the day just as well as our male counterparts. Not only that, but she made me want to be an intelligent, humorous, quick-witted, fierce woman and a better writer.
  3. Static
    Most of all, though, she showed that just because you deal with mental illness doesn't mean you're broken or unworthy of love, which to seventeen year old Kayla and even twenty-seven year old Kayla means so freaking much. She was my hero, y'all. I just wish I'd gotten the chance to tell her. 💔💔💔
  4. Static
    Edited to add this picture of my Leia shelf, which serves as a visual reminder to always be the smart, fierce, funny woman she and Carrie Fisher have always inspired me to be.